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Ethics and conduct


Acting in an ethical manner and with recognized quality in the production and commercialization of flexible packaging, EmbTec believes that it is necessary to respect society and the environment unconditionally. We also believe that we need a proper and correct attitude with our employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

Based on Ethics, EmbTec has developed its Integrity Program, which aims to strengthen the principles of the Code of Business Conduct.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

EmbTec Code of Conduct aims to:

  •  Make our employees work based on ethical values and principles, being a reference of attitude and behavior.
  •  Strengthen the reputation and internal/external image of EmbTec and its professionals, characterizing their attitudes as correct, fair, adequate and focused on the common good.
  •  Consolidate the values of the Company through its permanent practice. Define guidelines and parameters of ethical conduct to be observed in relations with all stakeholders.
  •  Create a mechanism for consultation and compliance with the ethical conduct expected of everyone who is related to EmbTec.

EmbTec´s Integrity Policy (Anti-Corruption)

All EmbTec's actions, as well as those of its employees, should be based on the Anti-Corruption Policy. Everyone should be aware of situations that may violate our anti-corruption policy.
If you wish to report and/or consult something related to this matter, please contact us through our ombudsman.


EmbTec is committed to the applicability of the Code of Business Conduct, through training and guidance of its employees and partners.