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FIBC (Big Bag) with skirt and flat botton

Model: For non-hazardous cargo

FIBC (Big Bag) with skirt and flat botton

Product Description:

"Big Bag certified by ABNT NBR 16029: 2012, for the transport of non-hazardous cargoes (products and waste)." Made of 100% virgin polypropylene fabric, with high resistance. Our Big Bags offer UV protection.”

Technical Features:

  • Top: Skirt for filling, Open top with skirt and ties for closing the top of the Big Bag.
  • Bottom: Closed.
  • Lifting system: Cross-corner loops.


For the commercialization of the Big Bag used to transport hazardous cargo, is mandatory the presentation of the certificate issued by the OCP (Product Certification Body) accredited by INMETRO.

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