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Big Bag vs Drums: Which of them will offer more advantages for my product? .

The storage and transport of dangerous and non-hazardous cargoes can be done by using Big Bags or drums. For transporting liquid products the indication is to use drums and, for transporting solids and doughy products, the company should choose between a big bag and a drum. The two types of storage have different characteristics, which we will explain in the next lines.

Having the advantage of the lowest cost, the Big Bags are also allied to the companies with regard to storage space of products and waste, empty packing weight, easy handling (pallet truck or forklift truck), cargo safety, workforce reduction and capacity for large volumes.

While the capacity of a Big Bag produced by EmbTec goes from 0,9m3 to 1.7m³, the capacity of the drum is 0,20m³ maximum. As for the load capacity of Bags and drums, the comparison is up to 3000kg for big bags and only 200kg for drums.

The proportional relation between the two storage types can be measured as follows: 1 Big Bag produced by EmbTec equals the capacity from 4 to 10 drums, which is a significant difference. This kind of relation also provides a better use of freight.

Considering a sider with a length of 14.8 meters, it will be possible to transport 19.2 tons using 200kg capacity drums. In contrast, using big bags with load capacity of 1000kg, it will be possible to transport 28 tons. This increase in cargo capacity brings a considerable reduction in freight cost, given that it reduces the amount of trips for a same volume.

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