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How to identify an approved Big Bag.

Focused on offering Big Bags with the highest standard of quality and technology, EmbTec – Embalagens Tecnológicas, is recognized not only for the good service and the unquestionable quality of its products, but also and especially for the proper homologation of each of them. In order to guarantee our customers that they are transporting their dangerous products using a Big Bag suitably approved by INMETRO, in accordance with the legislation of the National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT 5947, former ANTT 5232), it is necessary to pay attention to details carefully.

In order to prove the homologation, the company must present a certificate issued by a Product Certification Body (OCP), accredited by Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology). Only certified products are approved after passing the rigorous tests performed at accredited laboratories.

Each product needs a specific certification that shows the characteristics described in the Certificate as well as in the body of the Big Bag, with the technical characteristics of the homologated product in detail. The specifications on the certificate must be the same as those on the Inmetro Compulsory Seal, which must be printed on the Big Bag body.